3 Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Fan Page Fast

First questions… are you a Network Marketer, and do you have a Fan Page?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place…

See, most Network Marketers who are on Facebook have fan pages, don’t they? But they have one BIG problem… ( just like you might have the same problem)… nobody actually sees their Fan Page updates!

After a while of posting random stuff on your Fan Page because you’ve been told it’s a good idea to do so, you get fed up… and QUIT!

I mean, seriously, what’s the point of posting something every single day on your page when nobody actually sees what you’re posting… it’s kind of pointless isn’t it


  • No Comments
  • No Likes
  • No Shares
  • No Engagement

It just feels like you are talking to yourself doesn’t it? Then after doing that for a few weeks, you give up and leave your Fan Page to rot in Fan Page heaven…

What is the Solution to More Engagement?

So to get more comments, likes, shares, traffic, fans and engagement on your Fan Page, you need to follow a three (3) step process… and you need to do it on a DAILY basis! (Once per week is NOT enough…)

Facebook wants you to engage on your page on a daily basis… and when you do, the REWARD you by increasing your Edge Rank… When your Edge Rank increases, more of your fans actually see your updates…

Here are the 3 steps…

#1  - (Create) - Post Good Quality, Thought Provoking Content on Your Fan Page Daily

Over the last few years I’ve identified 7 ‘perfect’ fan page updates which tend to get more engagement, in the form of more comments, likes, shares and traffic. (I’ll teach you what they are in another post soon…)

If you diligently post 1-3 updates on your Fan Page each and every day, focused on a specific topic which your audience wants, and if you use the 7 perfect updates, then you’re almost guaranteed to get more engagement on your page… and as a result, you’ll get more fans.

Whereas on the other hand, if you create content to promote your business, opportunity or just try to SELL to people all the time, then no one is going to see your updates…

Facebook are actually very clever in the way they’ve created their EdgeRank… because it means that people who constantly try to SELL and promote stuff to people without offering VALUE first will never get seen because no one is engaging with their stuff…

#2 - (Engage) - Interact, Engage and Reply With Your Fans

Yes that’s right… so now you’ve posted some awesome content, and have some fans who are commenting, liking and sharing… it’s your turn to engage back with your fans.

So, really all you need to do is LIKE your fans comments, and reply back to each person who posted on your page… but here’s the thing… when you reply back to that person, you must try to post something that gets more people to reply..

If you view your fan page as a meeting place to have a conversation with your friends and fans on, then all you do is just talk to them to keep the conversation going.

That’s it really.

But take the time every day to REPLY and interact with the people who comment on your page…

#3 - (Network) - Visit Other Pages You LIKE and Comment, Like and Share Their Stuff 

This is a BIG one. If you want to increase your fans and engagement on your page, you really must Network with other pages with valuable conversation.

So, identify a handful of pages you REALLY LIKE the content of, and you’d be happy seeing in your newsfeed every day and go and engage with those pages.

So, what you’ll need to do is the following:


#1 – Go LIKE the Fan Pages you would like to see more from
#2 – Comment and LIKE 3 or more of their latest Fan Page updates
#3 – Tag your page after you’ve written your valuable comment


That’s it… SIMPLE! Now, of course there is much more to it than that, but to get started to increase your Fans and Engagement, be sure to follow the 3 steps I’ve outlined above, and most importantly, do it on a DAILY basis!

Once you start to get more engagement and fans on your page who actually see your updates, you can start to generate more leads for your Network Marketing or affiliate programs to help increase your income from several different streams…

You can see that by following the ideas and tactics I taught you in this Blog post, and over on my Fan Page, many other people are getting some great results on their pages…

Here's Some Great Feedback From Some of Our Awesome Members


Awesome Feedback


Your Friend,

Gavin Mountford

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